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Crew Management

Seafarer Recruitment & Management

Bellfranc A.S.Pvt. Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 certified, ILO MLC 2006 compliant company, involved in the activity of recruitment of Merchant Navy Officers and Crew.

The Indian merchant navy officers are among the best available in the Shipping Industry. A conservative estimate reveals that as many as 150,000 officers and crew members of Indian origin are manning foreign flag vessels operating worldwide. Indian Officers and Crew are people of proven excellence and are worthy assets in shipping fields around the globe.

Bellfranc A.S.Pvt. Ltd has made a selection and database of hundreds of Indian Officers, Engineers and Crew for different types of vessels for various Ship Owners all over the world.

The manpower database of the organization includes Indian Seafarers Of all Ranks and Categories. Deck, Engine and Saloon personnel. Possessing the ideal blend of age and experience.

Completely certified in accordance with ILO MLC 2006, STCW 2010, National and Flag state regulations.

Certified, Experienced and trained crews for various types of vessels including Bulk Carriers, OBO’s, Oil Tankers, Product Tankers, Bitumen Carriers, Chemical Tankers/Container Carriers, RORO, Passenger Vessels and Cruise Liners.

The office coordinates the flwg.
Activities :
Selection and Mobilization of Ship’s Crew, basis ITF / NON ITF levels (as per principal’s requirements).
Recruitment & Placement of Seafarers complying fully with RPS License, MLC 2006 & ISO 9001: 2008 certifications.
Medical Evaluation and testing of personnel pre and post-employment on board ship.
Ticketing, Visas and Insurance, accommodation, agency liaison for mobilizing the recruited seafarers.
Payment allotments to employed crew in accordance with Foreign exchange laws and regulations.
Providing quality P.P.E and supplying same on board or to employed seafarers.
Union agreements as per Ship owner’s requirements.
Implementation of Owners special requirements.
Technical advice and highly experienced suptd. Assistance, if required by ship owners/ managers.

Manpower Recruitment

Bellfranc A.S.Pvt. Ltd and its staff are well versed in recruitment formalities associated with Indian seafarers’ joining ships at various ports of most countries around the globe.

Health Requirements :- The organization uses only recognized medical practitioners approved by the Ministry of Surface transport to conduct medical examinations prior to seafarers joining. Our seafarers are vaccinated as required to comply with all international Regulations.

Immigration and Customs Requirements :- Having had seamen travel to many countries the organization is familiar with Immigration and customs requirements for transiting various countries en-route to joining the vessels. Visas are processed efficiently and timely when required for seafarers to join or sail to particular parts of the world.

Ticketing Services :- The organization arranges for purchasing airline tickets locally or responds to PTA’s as per the requirement of its clients.

Pre-departure Briefings :- Crew are briefed as to requirements for travel, clients and other requirements as necessary before departure in order to ensure the. Specific briefings can be arranged for if required by the client.

Manpower Training :- Bellfranc A.S.Pvt.Ltd. is in partnership with various training institutes in India for the supply of Cadets & entry level ratings. The company assists in conducting Maritime courses in various Deck & Engineering fields. The courses are approved by the Directorate General of shipping (DGS), Ministry of shipping, Government of India.

Technical Management

Technical Ship Management


Bellfranc A.S.Pvt.Ltd., INDIA uses the rich experience of its Operations & Technical Consultants to effectively manage and upgrade their principal’s fleet of vessels.

The Safety & Quality Management systems are concentrated around the ISM code which finally reflects in safer ships, cleaner seas, and reduced operating costs.

In fact our team at Bellfranc A.S.Pvt.Ltd., India is on call 24 x 7 to tackle the smallest problems. We understand that commercial profit is an extremely important part of the entire shipping venture. The collective experience of our superintendents and seafarers in managing vessels of all types and sizes has been time tested. Backed with such systems, experience and people, we are confident of managing vessels to the highest possible standards at the most competitive costs.

Our contacts in Alang and Chittagong are able to source the most obsolete equipment in the shortest possible times. Whenever there is a problem our team is confident and quick to tackle it.

We not only keep the ships trading (full speed ahead) with minimum loss of time but also enhance their market value by maintaining them to the highest comparable standards in their class. It will be noteworthy that we have managed from single hull (now phased out) Chemical tankers to bulk carriers launched in October 2015.

Our Technical Management Includes :

  • Planned maintenance
  • Workshop Repairs and Riding maintenance / repair squads.
  • Dry Dockings and repair
  • Delivery & Scrapping of ships
  • Compliance audits & Class surveys, Vetting Inspections
  • Flag State, Port State and Regional Compliance
  • Sale / Demolition Brokerage
  • Sale and Purchase Inspections
  • Purchase and Supply of new and reconditioned spare parts.
  • Deck, Engine, Cabin, Nautical Stores inventory & Supply

Commercial Management

Bellfranc A.S.Pvt. Ltd. provides commercial management services for vessels in conjunction with our Principals in Europe and the Middle East.

The services include :

  1. Surveying, estimating and purchase of ships including floating of tenders.
  2. Cost assessment for the running and technical management of ships.
  3. Cost assessment for the crew management of ships.
  4. Chartering, P&I and H&M cover.
  5. Accurate & proper documentation of in - out transactions including hire.
  6. Banking - including securing loans for prospective ship owners.
  7. Chartering

Bellfranc's expert commercial management ensures sound commercial management practices such as proper documentation, timely follow up for payments, proper accounting, proper recovery of receivables, timely remittance of money and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Bellfranc A.S.Pvt. Ltd can, if clients / ship owners so desire, help with the employment of the ship and the post fixture functions like charter party management, cargo inspections and vetting of vessels as well.